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Our Residents

Tapestry™ Retirement Communities - Our Residents

Our Residents

The reasons our residents choose to live at Tapestry are as varied and diverse as the people themselves.

For some, it’s the benefit of living in their own apartment home – living as they always have – but without the hassle of daily chores and maintenance. For others, it’s the access to health, education and community programs that can enrich their mental and physical welfare for years to come. For still others, it’s the peace of mind that comes with living in a seniors community staffed 24 hours a day with well trained professionals offering a full range of discreet assisted living services should they need them. For nearly all of our residents, it’s also the joy and camaraderie of being part of a community dedicated to cultivating and supporting the best aspects of maturity and aging. Here’s what a few of them have to say about it:

“Oh, it’s just like being at a resort– it’s first class!”

“It’s an ideal combination of privacy or not, as you will. You can live entirely self-sufficiently in your suite with your own kitchen and everything, but when you feel the need of company, it’s right there. I’ve made lots of new friends here. It’s just ideal.”

“I was facing up to the prospect of living alone and I was already looking, and this place was just going to be developed – they hadn’t even turned the sod yet – but I became aware of it. I just liked the looks of what they were going to do and it has turned out to be an excellent choice.”

“Definitely the people – everything – there’s so many things that you’re offered food, entertainment, good friends, good accommodation. Lift the phone and you’ve got everything you want.”

“My wife and I have scooters and we’ve been to a lot of other places and they’re way out in the country. This is only three blocks from your main street and we can go shopping everywhere on our scooters and really enjoy the neighbourhood. It’s beautiful.”

“I was perfectly happy in my home – but I came here and everybody was so nice, I thought, what a good idea – we’ll give it a try.”

“I want to thank you and your excellent staff for all the wonderful help you gave us on moving day – everything went so well and my family were most impressed…your staff give 100 per cent and then add another 100 per cent in friendliness.”

“Thanks to all of you for my pleasant trial stay at Tapestry. Your team has created a most vibrant and harmonious environment and I felt privileged to be welcomed and included.”

“The thing I value most is that I have my independence, and I get to choose what I want to do with my time. There are so many opportunities here, and I make sure I take advantage of them.”

“Just because we’re retired doesn’t mean we’re retired from life, and they understand that here. We stay fit, we love the food, and there’s plenty for us to do out in the community. It’s a great life and the people here are wonderful.”