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The Secret is Music

15 December, 2016

Learning the Guitar at 87 “Did you know that Katie is learning to play the guitar?”, the programs manager at Tapestry at Wesbrook Village mentioned casually a few months ago. Hasn’t everyone at some point wished they could play the guitar? Be a rock star? Even for a brief moment. Music is special. Making music […]


The Secret is Exercise

4 August, 2016

At the end of Men’s Health Week back in June, we interviewed Glen Patterson after hearing about his three day a week, hour long workouts in the Tapestry Fitness Centre. Tapestry Fitness Instructor Chris invited us to chat with Glen while they completed the hour long session. Glen’s warm smile and positive attitude is evident […]


Our Boston Marathon Winning Resident – Yul Kwon

6 May, 2016

Back in early May one year ago, we sat down for a chat with Yul Kwon. Yul was about to run the Vancouver Marathon. He intended to qualify for the Boston marathon with his time last year. Well, Yul qualified for Boston last year at the Vancouver Marathon and he ran the Boston Marathon a […]


Remembering Love and War

11 November, 2015

A wonderful story about a love letter found in the sleeve of a thrift store record reminds us of the powerful longing and love that many veterans experienced during and after war time. The story brought to mind a love story shared by one Tapestry resident who wished to remain anonymous. When interviewing veterans, one may anticipate […]


Take a Hike on the Lower Mainland!

27 July, 2015

Charles flips through his photo album of images from his North Shore hike from earlier in the week on his iPhone 5. He has had this phone for a few months, but has had an iPhone for over three years now. Today he had his hearing aid connected to his phone so that with a […]