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Meet Our Vancouver Fitness Dream Team

23 March, 2017

Living at Tapestry means everyday access to our fitness centre and our highly trained fitness trainers. They offer a packed schedule of group classes at different intensity levels, meditation classes, walking groups, dance classes, and one-on-one training. Residents and trainers work together to create customized programs for pre and post op success and personalized programs for fall and stroke recovery. We have heard stories of Tapestry residents who never exercised regularly making a change to start now and residents with a lifelong commitment to fitness evolving and sharing their passion. The stories are endless and inspiring.

All of our Vancouver fitness instructors have four year degrees in kinesiology along with specializations and/or areas of interest they bring giving a unique and holistic experience for residents.


“The body knows what it wants and needs”.

Team: Tapestry at Arbutus Walk, Vancouver

Education: Kinesiology degree from UBC Kelowna campus, two year business diploma.

Favorite way to stay active: Anything outdoors! Hiking, running, kayaking, snowboarding.

Favorite way to recharge: Yoga, stretching, meditation, camping and being in nature.

Logan is passionate about working with seniors and brings her interest in energy work to her role at Tapestry. When she was living in Kelowna, she taught 9-10 classes a week primarily with seniors where she also got Osteofit certified. Since coming to Tapestry in Vancouver, she has worked to offer a holistic fitness schedule that is accessible for a variety of fitness levels. Beginning with seated classes and progressing into more challenging classes provides a level of comfort and control for residents as they advance to the next levels.

With twelve classes a week including fitness, meditation, yoga, and aquafit at nearby Lord Byng pool, Tapestry at Arbutus Walk provides something for everyone. Customized rehab and recovery programs are also available.


Team: Tapestry at Arbutus Walk, Vancouver

Education: Kinesiology degree from SFU and certificates in Human Nutrition and Health and Fitness Studies.

Favorite way to stay active: Hiking, skiing and yoga. Favorite hike is Lindsay Lake Loop at Bunzen Lake with a view of Metro Vancouver from Vancouver Island to Mount Baker.

Favorite way to recharge: Spending time with family and friends and travelling. She recently returned from Thailand where she attended a week long yoga retreat.

Ellen is a new member of the fitness team joining us in the last couple months. She has two and a half years of experience working as a community based rehab assistant. Ellen has gained experience working with seniors in long term care and with clients who have soft tissue, orthopedic and brain injuries. Ellen also has a passion for baking. If she weren’t working in her field, she’d consider writing a recipe book.


Team: Tapestry at Wesbrook Village, Vancouver

Education: Kinesiology degree from University of Calgary, currently enrolled part-time at SFU department of gerontology.

Favorite way to stay active: Going to the gym and walks.

Favorite way to recharge: Putting her feet up, relaxing and spending time with friends.

A native Vancouverite, Natalie decided to head to Calgary for university for a change of scenery and gain experience somewhere new. Natalie volunteered with seniors living with higher care needs here in Vancouver before finding the job with Tapestry. She is passionate about quality of life and working with people to make a difference in their lives.


“Seniors have so much experience and knowledge to pass on. They have great stories and always find you an answer to your questions”.

Team: Tapestry at Wesbrook Village, Vancouver

Education:  Kinesiology degree from UBC

Favorite way to stay active: Running the seawall from English Bay to Lions Gate Bridge or Science World, yoga.

Favorite way to recharge: Soaking in the bath, family time, running, yoga.

Carol moved to Vancouver from Montreal six years ago. She currently works part-time at Tapestry and part-time at a neuromotion clinic where she works with a specialized robotic device to assist clients with spinal cord injuries. Carol is happiest when she’s laughing; particularly with her four younger siblings.

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