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Tapestry™ Retirement Communities - Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Discrete services and support are always close at hand with our 24-hour-a-day Assisted Living Services. Individual care coordination and health maintenance are managed by our Health and Wellness Director, a licensed nurse. As well, our trained staff of Resident Assistants is available to provide custom assistance with daily senior living activities and to help maintain the quality of life you’ve grown to enjoy.

All services are à la carte and can be tailored to meet your individual requirements or preferences. More comprehensive assistance is also available to support more demanding health needs. You can add or remove services as you choose, and you only pay for the services you request.

Bathing Assistance

Our trained staff is available for standby support or to provide assistance throughout the entire shower or bath.

Health Maintenance

Includes an ongoing awareness and monitoring of residents’ health conditions by our medical team, making observations about the status of these conditions and providing assistance with tasks such as blood pressure monitoring.

Care Coordination

Coordinating appointments and transportation to and from health care providers. Available on an ongoing or case-by-case basis.

Continence Management

Assistance with continence improvement and with the use and management of incontinence products.

Personal Appearance Assistance

Help in daily grooming including hair, makeup, shaving, oral care and dressing.

Temporary Illness Care

Temporary illness care is an individualized 24-hour service plan monitored by our licensed nurse. It may include hospitality checks as often as every two hours to ensure resident well-being and comfort. Attending staff may also assist with meals, encourage fluid intake and help with bathroom visits. Where appropriate, the nurse will also liaise with the resident’s personal physician regarding progress and ongoing health needs.

Medication Services

This customized service may include medication management, coordination between your pharmacy and physician, and assistance in administering daily medications when needed.