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Tapestry™ Retirement Communities - Trial Stays

Trial Stays

A perfect way to decide if a Tapestry retirement residence is right for you is to visit one of our seniors communities for a trial stay. This unique opportunity allows you to make a decision based on your first hand experience. You can spend time here, get to know the people and make sure that Tapestry fits with who you are. Your visit will include:

  • A beautifully appointed suite.
  • Three meals per day in our restaurant-style dining room.
  • Access to all social and recreational programs.

All you bring is your toiletries and clothing – everything else you need is provided. Trial Stays can vary in length. In fact, some of our trial stay guests never leave. If that should happen to you, our Move-In Coordinator will be happy to assist with your move.

So contact us and book your Trial Stay soon.