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Upcoming Spring Events – Toronto

27 March, 2017

Tapestry at Village Gate West in Etobicoke has opened registration for a number of seminars and events from April through July. Join us for refreshments and the chance to get to know what Tapestry has to offer. We are located at 15 Summerland Terrace, Toronto, ON. Call us at 416-777-2911 to book your space.

Toronto’s Art Deco & Streamlined Moderne
April 21, 1:30 PM
An illustrated  look at examples of the sophisticated Art Deco and Streamlined Moderne styles seen in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Our speaker Marta O’Brien will explore the buildings and their details that often go unnoticed in the city.

Grilling with Tapestry’s Executive Chef
May 17, 1:30 PM
Learn how to make the most of your BBQ season this summer.  Chef Michael Howell will provide a demonstration and share some of his grilling tips along with scrumptious samples.

Handwriting Analysis
June 16, 1:30 PM
Elaine Charal, Canada’s only certified graphologist will reveal famous people’s handwriting as well as the audience’s and how it matches personalities. She will provide a personal analysis for each participant.

The Roaring 20’s
July 19, 1:30 PM
Lianne Harris, world historian and author will take us through the era that had no precedent. Its place in history marks it as the  most revolutionary decade in the last century.  It was an era bigger than life!

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